Vaping has become a trend these days. It started as an alternative to smoking, but then the vaping device has developed to allow customization and creative use. Vape users can adjust the intensity of the smoke, and thus they can play cloud tricks with it. There are also many options for the smoke flavors. Juices ranging from fruit, peppermint, chocolate, and tobacco are available and mixable.

Because of that many options in vaping, they can be confusing to starters. Therefore, our team has compiled the essentials of vaping for beginners.

Basic Components of a Vape

    1. cloud chaser doing smoke trickCoil The coil in the vape turns the juice into the smoke. It is the burner component in the device that will need regular replacement after some time.
    2. Cotton The juice in your vape is stored in the cotton part, which is then later heated up and turns into the smoke.
    3. Atomizer
      The atomizer is the mouth part of the vaping device. It is also where coil and cotton are placed.
    4. Mod
      Mod regulates the electric power from the battery. Some vape box mod kit can adjust the temperature and smoke’s intensity, while the others only have one mode of smoke production.
    5. Battery
      The battery is the power source of your vaping device. Even though this part may seem unimportant, but those explosion cases you might have heard of were caused by the battery. It is very vital to get the right battery for your vape.


The Mod Options

vape with mod boxMode makes vape different from the early generation of e-cig. The older device could not offer adequate smoke intensity and had a lousy drag. Today, the mod allows the vape users to monitor and adjust the temperature and to set how thick the smoke is.

There are two types of mod. One is the non-regulated/mechanical mod, and the other is the regulated mod. The mechanical mod does not offer adjustability and comes with only the default setting. Although this type sounds like a bad option, mechanical mods are way more affordable and easier to maintain than the regulated counterpart. They suit people who want a straightforward vaping experience without being bothered with the adjustment.

As for the batteries in the mod, there are also two options: the one that has two batteries and the other that only uses one battery. The difference between the twos is on the power they produce. The higher the watt is, the thicker the smoke is, and the stronger the drag is.

The Battery

When you choose the battery/batteries for your vaping device, you have to make sure that it can suffice your expectation. If you want to be a cloud chaser, then you should need a vape with big power. If you want only to enjoy the e-juice, then the power of the battery is not a serious matter to consider.

However, the thing to note about batteries is that having them charged separately from the mod is always the safest option. Most mods these days allow charging without the need to disassemble. But it has turned out that the system is not yet perfect. Batteries easily degrade and causes the mod to be overflowed with electrical currents, which shorten the lifespan of your vape’s overall components.