CO2 Pumping Systems – Supercritical to Your Succes

Commercial extraction procedures the extraction of co2 has been considered to be the most appropriate among the many like solvent extraction and steam distillation. The whole process of usingĀ co2 terpenes is based on supercritical carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is a type of gas which will remain in a gaseous state when it remains under the optimal temperatures. However, when this gas is pressurized to a large extent, it will be able to change to a different state. On ambient temperatures co2 is pressurized, and it becomes a supercritical fluid that is used in the dissolving of elements which are natural and are present in botanical materials like plants and herbs. The formed liquid at the initial state is returned to a gaseous state hence will lead to the formation of a purest co2 extract of the plants or herbs.

You may then wonder why we recommend the use of co2. The main reason why co2 should be used isbbbbvn that it promotes the creation of clean, pure and quality oil which is safe to make with less or no post-processing. This is seemingly the opposite of producing solvent which is toxic, and they require long hours to remove trapped oil. More surprisingly many industries have come to appreciate that co2 is the highest efficiency in commercial processing.

Carbon dioxide is a tunable solvent and is also inexpensive. The tunable ability will help in the separation of constitutes during the process of extraction. Similarly, carbon dioxide is able to sanitize hence will be able to prolong the shelf life. In addition, carbon dioxide will help in in the yielding of grade oils and food.

nbvdtCo2 extraction entails he pumping of carbon dioxide to a chamber that has been filled with plants. Co2 develops into a gaseous state hence making it play the role of a solvent and also pulling of substances pigments like resin and pigments. In the extraction of co2 play the role of a solvent rather than inform of steam or heated water.


The essential oils are significant because of the fragrance that is similar to the original plant because they are extracted without heat or solvent. The process of extracting co2 has the advantage of achieving maximum therapeutic components that are found in botanical materials like herbs and plants. The carbon dioxide extraction is the best option for processing essential natural oils because they are not extracted from derivatives like butane. On the other hand carbon dioxide issued as a carrier to remove oil from plant parts.